Sunday, January 3, 2010

Spring and Summer - a review

This past Thursday, my mom, siblings, and I were out running errands. At LifeWay, I got Jon Foreman's album 'Spring and Summer'.

Jon Foreman, the lead singer of the band Switchfoot, has three solo albums, 'Fall and Winter', 'Spring and Summer', and 'Leaves and Branches', which is a collection of songs from the other two albums as well as a few new ones.

I really like Mr. Foreman's work, and this double-disc album is no exception. His lyrics are thought-provoking and flowing, as usual, and his melodies are beautiful.

In 'Spring and Summer', he includes several songs based off different passages from the Bible, mostly Psalms. 'Your Love Is Strong', his radio single, echoes the Lord's Prayer, and then recites it at the end of the track.

Some of my favorite lyrics from 'Your Love is Strong'.
So why should I worry?
Why do I freak out?
God knows what I need
You know what I need!
The kingdom of the Heavens
Is buried treasure
Would you sell yourself
To buy the one you've found
Two things You told me
That You are strong
And You love me
Yes, You love me

'Summer' gets even deeper into theology.

'Resurrect Me' talks about wanting to die to self. "I've become the empty shell/ Of a man I don't like so well/ I am a living, breathing hell/ Come on and resurrect me!" and then a later chorus, "I've become the shell of a man/ I can't begin to understand/ Have I forgotten who I am?/ Come on and resurrect me!"

Then in 'Instead of a Show', Mr. Foreman expresses his dislike of the hypocrisy and show that so many Christians put on display on Sunday mornings.
"I hate all your show and pretense/ The hypocrisy of your praise/ The hypocrisy of your festivals/ ... Your eyes are closed when you're praying/ You sing along with the band/ You shine up your shoes for services/ But there's blood on your hands."
What should we be doing, then?
"Instead let there be a flood of justice/ An endless procession of righteous living/ ... Instead of a show/ ... Give love to the ones who can't love at all/ Give hope to the ones who got no hope at all/ Stand up for the ones who can't stand at all/ Instead of a show."

'The House of God Forever' is a beautiful rendition of the Twenty-Third Psalm. 'Again' is a exquisite prayer to God, echoing many of the Psalms.

Oh Lord, God of our fathers
This day, let it be known
That You, Lord,
Are God of the present tense

Oh Lord, Father of history
This day, let it be known
That You, Lord,
Are present in our human events

Answer me, Oh Lord
Let Your people know
That You're turning our hearts
Back to You... Again